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Her "call" started in 1998 when she started studying Universal Energy and Reiki. Her interest in energy and how the body works through it made her research more into it. Karla then started her vocal training at the Music Conservatory and met musicians who wanted to do research by mixing different notes, sounds, harmonics, vibrations and see how it affects the body, mind, and emotions with the years she will develop her own sound and Light Language to help her community.


Karla is from the  Nahua-Mexica Indigenous community in Mexico, and she is reclaiming her identity and roots and started studying with her elders Traditional Mexican Medicine,  temazcal healing (sweat lodge) to help women during labor and postpartum. She was granted permission to share I'x Kakaw ceremonies with everyone who feels the call. She specializes in women's health through Mexican Ancestral Medicine. She is part of the Waxaq'ib Q'joom Maya collective in Toronto as an Ajq'ij (time keeper). Karla is also recognized for her talent as a Registered Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Osteopath in Canada.

She started her journey in women's health with her first pregnancy and got her Placenta Specialist certificate in 2015. Karla after starts to offer 1O1 women's health with an ancestral medicine point of view in 2018.

Sharing this with moms and being able to work with her precious placentas is a real gift for her. She honours all women and the sacred ceremony of giving birth.

Mitacuye Oyasin.

Karla F. Berganza, Sound Therapist, Ayurvedic Prac, AyurDoula, R.M.T., DO/MP & Starseed guide.

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 I highly recommend Karla she is an absolute beauty! And the placenta encapsulation does work wonders :) two weeks on my pills and I am feeling amazing and no signs of the postpartum. 
Karla also has kept in contact with me since the birth of my daughter which helps big time and she makes you feel like your an amazing mom :)
Love you Karla 


“Me siento sumamente bendecida por aver tenido la oportunidad de ser parte de este camino y de haber conocido un ejemplo como tu. Mil gracias, por tu dedicación!”


“No matter how far you are, your healing is helping me to go back to the real path”





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