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“No matter how far you are, your healing is helping me to go back to the real path”
“Me siento sumamente bendecida por aver tenido la oportunidad de ser parte de este camino y de haber conocido un ejemplo como tu. Mil gracias, por tu dedicación!”
 I highly recommend Karla she is an absolute beauty! And the placenta encapsulation does work wonders :) two weeks on my pills and I am feeling amazing and no signs of the postpartum. 
Karla also has kept in contact with me since the birth of my daughter which helps big time and she makes you feel like your an amazing mom :)
Love you Karla 

Karla was born in Mexico City. Her love and passion helping people made her knock on doors other than medicine, such as energy and healing. Her "call" started in 1998 when she started studying Universal Energy and Reiki. She then decided to go deeper and studied the Egyptian Tarot as she could connect with it. She also holds a bachelor in Administration and Diploma in Computer Programming which helped her to get a certification teaching English in Mexico and being a Medical Interpreter in Canada.

With those ten years’ experience in energy healing and Tarot reading, Karla developed her real intuition in 2006 when she started "sensing" during healing sessions. Since then, Karla started spiritually helping clients to reduce their physical and emotional stress, or just as a guide to help them make decisions through the client’s and Karla’s ancestors messages.


In 2009 Karla met a Mayan priestess who would later become her teacher. She then learned how to read the Mayan calendar and be an "ajqij" (time keeper). Her mission as time keeper is to heal people and be able to help her community through the interpretation of dreams.


Karla has been successfully practicing psychic surgeries, pendulum, “colour, music, muscle response, stone, aroma, turya and intuitive chakra reading therapies; as well as Mayan cleanses and healing ceremonies, and distant healing through Tarot.


Karla is also an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, having finished her studies in 2010. She is also much interested in physical medicine, which led her to getting her registration as Massage Therapist and Manual Osteopath Practitioner by 2012. The use of Ayurveda in physical therapy clinics has given her clients a fast rehab and knowledge of self-healing.


Karla also loves art. As an opera singer she has sung with different opera companies in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Kitchener. She has produced Spanish Operas and dreams of singing in a Mexican Opera this year. She sang in different bands in Mexico and recorded 3 albums in Mexico and Canada.

In 2013 Karla gave birth to her first daughter, which gave her an amazing interest in placenta encapsulation and the great job Doulas do. Her second daughter was born at home in 2016 giving her the great, beautiful and best experience of childbirth. Karla is doing studies on placenta and postpartum care as well as the lovely baby massage at present time.

Karla thanks her lovely husband Hector for being the most amazing partner, father and best friend; her daughters, who are giving her the strength to keep her journey along this path. To S.E. for his teachings and guidance. Her father and ancestors, who have been walking with her all these years and her closest family Edith & Delis Reneaum for being unconditional supporters to all her dreams.

Thank you... my dear soul for letting me help you believing in your own healing energy.


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